Lesson no. 33 Constipation: -


Constipation is a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels (intestines), usually associated with hardened faeces. It is a (Pathology) infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels, with hard faeces, caused by functional or organic disorders or improper diet. Common causes are insufficient dietary fiber intake, inadequate fluid intake & decreased physical activity, side effects of medications, hypothyroidism & obstruction by colorectal cancer.

Nabi ﷺ’s guidance about constipation: -

Sanna a best laxative: -

1. Hazrat Asma Bint Umair رضي الله عنها says that Rasoolullah ﷺ asked her: “What do you use as a laxative (تستمشين), she replied "Shabram" (الشبرم) (spruge). Rasoolullah ﷺ said it is hot & powerful. (حار، حار), she said: Then I used Sanna (senna) (السنا) as a laxative (تستمشين). & she said that Rasoolullah ﷺ said: "If there would be cure (شفاء) for death (الموت) it would be Sanna (Senna) (السنا).
[Tirmizi: 2225; Book. 28; English vol. 4; Book. 2, Hadees. 2081]

Best treatment: -

2. Hazrat Ibn Abbas رضي الله عنهما says that Rasoolullah ﷺ said: "Amongst the treatment you do, the best is:
a) to put medicine (دواء) in nose (السعوط),
b) to put medicine (دواء) in one side of mouth (اللدود),
c) Hijamah (الحجامة) (wet cupping)
d) Walking (laxatives) (المشى).
[Tirmizi: 2184; Book. 28, English vol. 4; Book. 2, Hadees. 2047]
Walking here is considered as movement of intestines by Imam Qayyim (ra) & senna increases the movement of intestines & best for constipation. (Movement of intestines is called as Peristalsis movement in medical terms).
Please read lesson no. 25 Sanna in part -1 so that you will learn all about it & its benefits.

Diet Plan for Constipated Person: -

The most effective way to treat constipation is by following diet for constipation. This is usually a high fiber diet. Normal stool patterns are different for different people, but if you have not been able to pass stools for several days & have been experiencing pain & discomfort, it means you have constipation. Normal stools should not be painful & should definitely not be difficult to pass. While there are medical treatments available for constipation, most doctors recommend consuming a healthy diet, rich in foods to combat constipation. Some of the best foods for constipation include raw fruits & vegetables that are high in both soluble & insoluble fibers.
Insoluble fiber adds bulk to the food so that stools are relatively easier to pass. Usually the harder a vegetable is, the more fiber it tends to have. Green leafy vegetables have the most rough-age & are very healthy. In addition to considering the foods that you consume, also consider the amount of fluids you consume throughout the day. Drink plenty of water & other beverages such as juices. This will help soften the stools so that they are easier to pass through the intestines.

Foods to Eat: -

Coconut: - It is considered an excellent remedy for constipation. Coconut milk & coconut water are also considered great food for constipation. Adding butter to your diet may also help soften the stools but avoid consuming too much of fats as that can only worsen the condition. Avoid refined foods when constipated.
Cottage Cheese: It can also be used as a natural stool softener, but avoid any other milk & dairy products as these can cause other digestion problems.
Breakfast: Start the day with a bowl of fruits or salads. You can also have a sandwich with salads in them. A corn & spinach sandwich with cream cheese is ideal for a healthy & fibrous breakfast. Have a pineapple or an apple along with some orange juice. You can also choose to consume a bowl of high fiber cereal instead of the sandwich.
Mid-day Meal: Have a glass of prune juice along with an orange or any other fibrous fruit. Prune juice can soften your stools & help relieve constipation. The fibers from the fruits add bulk to your stools & allow your body to excrete them easily.
Lunch: Whole grain breads with mashed potatoes, a chicken breast & a bowl of salad & vegetables is a healthy & fiber rich meal. Include a portion of cottage cheese. You can also have a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread & cottage cheese with a bowl of salad.
Dinner: Have a large bowl of tossed salad with lots of lettuce, croutons, apples, prunes, carrots, peas & beans. You can also add celery or asparagus in the mix as that can help add to the fiber content of the salad. You can have a slice of whole grain or multi-grain bread along with your salad. Avoid gravies.