Please understand properly that the diseases & the treatments are sent down by Allah alone. & the medicines acts by Allah's will only. We should do treatment with permissible medicines & method, we will get SAWAAB for treating ourselves & if we don't do so Allah can questions for not seeking the treatment.

Diseases & treatment according to Nabi ﷺ’s teachings.

Dear respected Muslims! We should make the Sunnah of treatment alive as they very well deserve to be.
These Sunnah are forgotten & neglected ones, to which we need to bring awareness.
The reward of for this will be unimaginable.
Sahabah رضي الله عنه learnt these Sunnah very well & did people coming after Sahabah & so on but in between we forgot theses Sunnah & today we & our generation is very far from them.
Please join the mission to make these Sunnah alive so that we all will be benefitted as Sahabah use to get. Nabi ﷺ & Sahabah used these Sunnah of treatment & the patients use to get well immediately or sooner than what we do in today’s era.