Lesson no. 14: Onion(البصل)

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Names of onion:-

1. It is called as Basal (البصل) in Quran, Hadees & Arabic. 
2. In Latin it is called as Allium cepa Linn.
3. Family is Liliaceace.
4. In Urdu & Hindi it is called as Piyaz. 5. Leek is called as kuraas (الكرّاث)
Please note:
The leek is a vegetable that belongs, along with onion and garlic, to the genus Allium, currently placed in family Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Allioideae. Picture is given in this lesson.

Quranic reference of onion: -

1. Onion (البصل) reference in Quran is in Chapter 2 (Sura) Baqara, chapter No.2, (aayat) verses no 61. (In references to Moosa (a.s)) & His followers, in this verse onion are directly mentioned along with Mann & Salva & many other vegetables.

Prophet ﷺ's guidance about onions(البصل): -

Also refer lesson no. 12 Garlic.

Onion in last meal of Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه وسلم : -

1. Hazrat Aisha رضي الله عنها was asked by Ibn Ziyaad رضي الله عنه about onion (البصل) & she said that the last meal which Rasoolullah ﷺ ate, had Onion (البصل) in it.
[Abu Dawud: 3829; Book. 28; English Book. 27; Hadees. 3820]

Disliking of Raw Onion Smell & disallowed to come in or near Masjid: -

2. Jabir Bin Abdullah رضي الله عنه reported that Nabiﷺ said, He who eats of this (offensive) plant, i. e garlic, and sometimes Heﷺ said, He who eats onion (بصل) and garlic and leek (الكراث), should not approach our mosque for the angels are harmed by the same things as the children of Adam.
[Muslim: 564 B; Book no. 5; In English Book no. 4, Hadees no. 1147]
3. Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri رضي الله عنه says that Nabiﷺ disallowed to eat Onion (البصل), garlic (الثوم), leek (الكراث).
[Tyalsi: 2285]􀀃
(Raw is disliked to eat, but we can use them in cooked food)
4. Narrated by Jabir Bin Abdullah رضي الله عنه said, that Nabiﷺ said "Whoever has eaten garlic (ثوم) or onion (بصل), should keep them away from us, or should keep away from our mosque (Masjid) and should stay at home." Ibn Wahb said, "Once a plate full of cooked vegetables was brought to the Nabiﷺ at Badr. Detecting a bad smell from it, Heﷺ asked about the dish and was informed of the kinds of vegetables it contained. Heﷺ then said, "Bring it near," and so it was brought near to one of his companions who were with him. When Nabiﷺ saw it, Heﷺ disliked eating it and said (to his companion), "Eat, for I talk in secret to ones whom you do not talk to".
[Bukhari: 7359; Book. 96; English vol. 9; Book. 92; Hadees. 458]􀀃
(Means talk to Angels)

Garlic & Onion allowed eating in cooked food:-

5. Rasoolullahﷺ allowed us to eat onion (البصل) & garlic (الثوم) cooked in food. (Means avoid eating them raw).
[Abu Dawud: 3827; Book no. 28; In English Book no. 27; Hadees no. 3818]
6. Hazrat Uqbah Bin Amir Al-Juhani رضي الله عنه says that Nabiﷺ said ‘Do not eat onions (بصل),’ then he said in a low voice: ‘Raw’.
[Ibn Ma-jah: 3491; Book. 29; In English vol. 4; Book. 29, Hadees. 3366]􀀃
7. Narrated by Mu'awiyah Ibn Qurrah رضي الله عنه that Nabiﷺ forbade these two plants (i.e. garlic and onions), and said, He who eats them should not come near our mosque (Masjid). If it is necessary to eat them, make them dead by cooking, that is, onions and garlic.
[Abu Dawud: 3827; Book. 28; English Book. 27; Hadees. 3818]􀀃
8. Narrated by Hazrat Ma’daan Bin Abi Talha Ya’mir رضي الله عنه once Hazrat Umar Bin Khattab رضي الله عنه in Friday khutba said that if you want to eat garlic (ثوم), onion (بصل), use them in cooked food.
[Ibn Ma-jah: 3488; Book. 29; English volume. 4 Book. 29, Hadees. 3363]
(Means avoid them eating raw & coming in public & also avoid there bad smell in breath or mouth). (This is a long Hadees).

Content of it: -

carbohydrates, sugars, fibers, protein, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, C, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, selenium, volatile oils, sulphur Etc.

Scientific benefits of onions: -

1. It strengthens the digestion, increases semen production, dissolves phlegm, cleans the stomach, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides.
2. Helpful in jaundice, cough, and cold.
3. Helpful in following condition for local application, alopecia (means patchy hair falls), warts, white spots etc (its juice should be used with salt).
4. Its smell is used in fits, nausea and vomiting.
5. Its juice should be put in nose for sinus. (Put 2 to 3 drops of onion juice in nose)
6. Avoid eating raw.
7. Excessive eating of onion may cause migraine, weak memory, flatulence & makes complexion dark, especially raw onions.
8. For Warts take onion juice & salt, mix both & apply on warts.


Do not use in diarrhea. Bleeding disorders, Namaz time (Salah time).
Do not use it in weak sex.

Science & Hadees regarding onion: -

1. In Prophetﷺ time mostly people were poor, in Arab much vegetables did not grew, vegetables from other parts of the world were not every time available, people use to eat raw onion very often & we all know that it has a very offensive smell in breath which irritates other people, & Prophetﷺ strictly prohibited to eat, but allowed to eat it in cooked food, & prohibited to come in Masjid or near it with its smell in breath, because in Masjid there are angles, who also get irritated with its smell, And by this rule all bad smell things should be avoided in Masjid or near it. The people often use to come in Masud with its smell in breath, may be people ate raw onion in much quantity to fulfill their hunger, & it is seen that the bad smell is very offensive if raw onion is eaten in much quantity & remains for very long in the breath & also its smell is found in sweating which is again bad. And also cause excessive unwanted gas formation & its expulsion & if this occurs in public it is thing which irritates others.
2. Today no body eats onion raw enough or full stomach because today we have all types of vegetables available all season thus onion remains an ingredient of food. Thought its medicinal properties are not neglected.

Adverse effects and toxicology: -

3. If excessive raw onion is used some people may suffer from allergic reactions & also after handling onions. Symptoms can include contact dermatitis, intense itching, rhinoconjunctivitis, blurred vision, bronchial asthma, sweating and anaphylaxis. The toxicity is caused by the sulfoxides present in raw onions, causing ingestion resulting in anaemia caused by the distortion and rupture of red blood cells. (This is based on an animal’s research done by using onion.

Conclusion of Hadees: -

1. Do not come in Masjid or in public after eating raw vegetables whose bad smell comes from mouth. We can eat them cooked in food & bad smell should not come from mouth. Nabiﷺ did not liked bad smell, specially from mouth because Angle use to come to Him bringing Messages & Quranic verses from Allah & Angles get irritated by te bad smell even people get irritated. This lesson has 8 Hadees.