Tibb e Nabawi is an English book on medical guidance of Prophet MUHAMMED ﷺ written by me (Dr. Mohammed Shakeel Shamsi)
First I wrote 1st edition and completed in 2015 and got I successful results.
Currently I finished 2nd edition which is in 3 volumes.
The 2nd edition is printed on glossy art paper in 4 colours with attractive images
The reference of Hadith is given in full authentic way
Example (Bulkhari 3371; Book. 60; English vol.4; Book. 55; Hadees 590)
References are given from both English and Arabic origin text book of Hadith.
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Those who want to distribute my 2nd Edition english book Tibb e Nabawi ﷺ please contact me they will get heavy discount.
And those who want for personal use also contact me.

About the book:

The subject is covered in 3 volumes
Fully coloured
Glossy art paper
Size A3
1st volume (1st part) is of 324 pages
Lesson are rules and causes of disease, principle of treatment, kinds of diseases.
Ruqyah, black magic treatment, Nazar (evil eyes).
Treatment with names of Allah, hijamah, dreams, women and etc.
Volume 2 (part 2) is of 304 pages it is about uses of fruits, grains, vegetables, milk, honey and etc.
Volume 3 (part 3) is of 228 pages it is about disases amd their treatment like fever, cough and cold, kidney disease,eye diseases, lungs diseases, piles and etc.
And 1st volume has a lesson no 13 proper eating habits in Ramadan.
Please try to buy and distribute this book so that sunnah of our Nabi ﷺ comes in our day to day life.
And doctor should have one set of this book.
Islamic school can start Tibb E Nabawi as a subject I will love to give lectures coming in your school.
Please reply soon and take the opportunity.
The MRP price for India is 1500/- (for 3 volumes).