Lesson no. 11:Citric fruits.(الاترج) (Oranges & etc)

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There are many different types of citric fruits like oranges, lemon, lime, sweet lemon, citron, Malta, fafanas, chakotra etc. There are many different types of lemons, limes, oranges etc. All should be used. But oranges are specially mentioned.


1. In Hadees oranges & citron are called as Atraj (الاترج)
2. In Urdu & Hindi it is called Santra & Narangi.
3. In English it is called as Oranges & Citron.

Prophetصلى الله عليه وسلم‘s guidance about citric fruits.

Orange or Citron (Atraj) & Muslims: -

1. Hazrat Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari رضي الله عنه says that Rasoolullahﷺ said "A believer who recites the Qur'an is like an orange whose fragrance is sweet and whose taste is sweet, a believer who does not recite the Qur'an is like a date which has no fragrance but has a sweet taste and the hypocrite (munafiq & faajir) who recites the Quran is like (Rayhan) basil whose fragrance is sweet, but whose taste is bitter and a hypocrite (munafiq & faajir) who does not recite the Quran is like the colocynth which has no fragrance and has a bitter taste.
[Bukhari: 5427; Book. 70; Eng vol. 7; Book. 65; Hadees. 338]􀀃
(Colocynth is a bitter cucumber & also bitter apple).

Benefits of Oranges or Citrons (Atraj): -

2. Hazrat Abdul Rehman Bin Dilham رضي الله عنه says that Nabiﷺ said that for you Oranges (or citron) (الاترج) have many benefits, it reduces heart diseases & strengthens the heart.
[Jamius Sageer volume. 2; page. 139]

Atraj (Oranges or Citron) & Honey.

3. Hazrat Masrooq رضي الله عنه say that he found Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها feeding Hazrat Ibn Umme Maktoom رضي الله عنه (a blind) with oranges (اترج) dipped in Honey (عسل)
[Mojam Ausat: 9404]􀀃
Note: (Hazrat Ibn Umm Maktoom رضي الله عنه was a blind sahabhi for whom chapter (sura) Aabasa was send by Allah Ta’lah.

About eating with sick, blind & lame: -

Chapter 24 (Surah) An-Noor, Ayah 61: -
لَيْسَ عَلَى الْأَعْمَىٰ حَرَجٌ وَلَا عَلَى الْأَعْرَجِ حَرَجٌ وَلَا عَلَى الْمَرِيضِ حَرَجٌ
Transalation: There is no blame on the blind, nor there is blame on the lame, nor there blame on the sick to eat at your table.

Content of oranges:

Vitamin C, levoluse, calatose, vitamin B1, B2, rutin, pectin, histadine, cholin hesperidine arginin, asparagine stachydrine, peroxidase, many beneficial enzymes & etc.

Scientific benefits of oranges:

1. It is best in piles, bleeding piles.
2. It increases complexion.
3. It regulates heart beat.
4. It is helpful in jaundice, biliary diarrhoea.
5. It reduces freckles of skin.
6. It increases liver function.
7. It reliefs thirst.
8. It strengthens the digestive system.
9. Delicious jam can be prepared from it.
10. It expels gases.
11. Cleans the chest.
12. It treats Scurvy diseases, helpful in diabetes.

Science, Quran & Hadees regarding citrus fruits: -

Citrus fruits are favored fruit of the Quran and Hadith. Nabiصلى الله عليه وسلم said, "The parable of a believer who reads the Quran regularly is like that of a citrus it has a good taste and a good fragrance". Similarly, just as the Quran will provide a healthy spiritual life, the citrus fruits can provide a healthy physical life for the believer. In fact, all citrus fruits are packed with many valuable nutrients. Most important of these is vitamin C.
  Vitamin C is famous for its powerful antioxidant properties (meaning that it disarms powerful oxygen molecules in the body that contribute to cancer and heart disease). The body also uses vitamin C to manufacture collagen; the substance that glues cells together and is essential for healing.  A large lemon contains about 75 percent of the USRDA of vitamin C. In addition, substances dubbed limonene and limonese have been found to block some of the cellular changes that can lead to cancer. 
Oranges are perhaps the most universally known sources of vitamin C (117 percent of the USRDA), ranges actually have much more to offer. Hesperidine, found in oranges has been found by Brazilian researchers to stop inflammation without damaging the stomach lining as aspirin can. Oranges also contain limonene, which according to Michael Gould, PhD., and professor of human oncology at the University of Wisconsin Medical School "cause cancer cells to self-destruct." 

Conclusion of Hadees: -

1. A believer who recites the Qur'an is like an orange (Oranges or citron), it reduces heart diseases & strengthens the heart. It can be eaten with Honey. 2. This lesson has 3 Hadees.