Lesson no. 53 Honey(عسل)

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1. In Quran & Hadees it is called as A'sal.(عسل)
2. In English it is called as Honey.
3. In Urdu it is called as Shahad.
4. In Hindi it is called as Madh.
5. In Sanskrit it is called as Madhu.
6. Honey bee in Quran is called as NAHL and a whole chapter (sura) is named on honey bee, the chapter no. 16 Al Nahl.(The honey bee).

Quranic references of honey:(عسل)

1. Chapter no. 16 Al Nahl, verse no. 68 & 69.
2. Chapter no. 47. Muhammad verse no. 15.
3. Chapter no.66. Tah'reen verse no.1.
In chapter No. 16 (Surah) Al-Nahl, verse no. 68 & 69, Allah Ta’ala says:

وَاَوۡحٰى رَبُّكَ اِلَى النَّحۡلِ اَنِ اتَّخِذِىۡ مِنَ الۡجِبَالِ بُيُوۡتًا وَّمِنَ الشَّجَرِ وَمِمَّا يَعۡرِشُوۡنَۙ‏ ثُمَّ كُلِىۡ مِنۡ كُلِّ الثَّمَرٰتِ فَاسۡلُكِىۡ سُبُلَ رَبِّكِ ذُلُلًا ؕ يَخۡرُجُ مِنۡۢ بُطُوۡنِهَا شَرَابٌ مُّخۡتَلِفٌ اَلۡوَانُهٗ فِيۡهِ شِفَآءٌ لِّلنَّاسِ

Translation: He has taught honey bees to make their combs on top of mountains, trees & heighted places, & these bees suck nectars from all types of flowers, & Allah Ta’ala made the bees to follow the path of their lord (Allah Ta’ala), a fluid of different colour comes out from their bellies, in which there is healing for human.
This is a sign of Almighty so people should admire & pick benefits. This is according to Allah Ta’ala's creation & laws of nature.
In chapter No. 47 (Surah) Muhammad verse no.15 Allah Ta’ala says:

مَثَلُ الْجَنَّةِ الَّتِي وُعِدَ الْمُتَّقُونَ فِيهَا....... وَأنْهَارٌ مِنْ عَسَلٍ مُصَفّی وَلَهُمْ فِيهَا مِنْ كُلِّ الثَّمَرَاتِ

Translation: in Jannah, there will be various gifts and boons, pure best honey streams and fruits of various types.
In chapter No. 66 Al-Tah'reem verse no 1. Allah Ta’ala said to Prophet ﷺ:

يَا أَيُّهَا النَّبِيُّ لِمَ تُحَرِّمُ مَا أَحَلَّ اللَّهُ لَكَ

Translation: Do not discard the use of honey or else, which Allah Ta’ala has Permitted to eat (Halal) for human.

Prophet ﷺ’s guidance about Honey (عسل): -

Liking of honey & halwa: -

1. Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها says that Rasoolullahﷺ liked Halwa (الحلوى) (a sweet dish) & Honey (عسل) very much.
[Bukhari: 5431; Book. 70; Eng vol. 7; Book. 65; Hadees. 342]
2. Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها says that Rasoolullahﷺ liked sweet (الحلوى) (Halwa) & Honey (عسل) very much & amongst drinking things (syrups), liked Honey water very much & used Honey (عسل) daily whole life & was every time healthy.
[Musnad Ahmed: 24316]

Do not kill the following: -

3. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas رضي الله عنه says that Rasoolullahﷺ denied killing 4 living beings 1. Ants (النملته),
2. Honey bees (النخلة),
3. Hudhud (الهدهد) &
4. Mamola birds (الصُّرَدُ).
[Abu Dawud: 5267; Book. 43; Eng Book. 42; Hadees. 5247]
Means prohibited killing four creatures: ants, bees, hoopoes, and sparrow-hawks.

Honey useful in diarrhea:-

4. Hazrat Abu Saeed Al- Khudri رضي الله عنه says that Nabiﷺ guided & insisted to a person, 4 times to use Honey (عسل) for his brother’s illness, his brother was suffering from Diarrhea (loose Motions), each time he came back with a complaint that motions are increasing (of his brother) & each time Rasoolullahﷺ advised to give Honey (عسل) to his brother & on the fourth time Rasoolullahﷺ said Allah (Ta’lah) is the truth & your brother’s stomach is lair & again Honey (عسل) was given to him & the patient got well.
[Bukhari: 5684; Book. 76; Eng vol. 7; Book. 71; Hadees. 588]
From the above Hadees we learn that we should not try to stop motions immediately because if we do so the infection which the body wants to throw out through motion will remain in the body, but however if the motions are in large number & frequent than first stop the infection and treat the cause of motion.

Use honey to prevent illness (Balah): -

5. Hazrat Abu Hurairah رضي الله عنه says that Rasoolullahﷺ said that any person who licks Honey (عسل) (Asal) in morning at least for 3 (ثلاث) days every month will not suffer from any Balaa' (البلاء) (illness) in that month (in which honey is taken).
[Ibn Ma-jah: 3576; Book. 31; Eng vol. 4; Book. 31, Hadees. 3450]

Honey & Quran for Shifa: -

6. Hazrat Abdullah رضي الله عنه says that Nabiﷺ said that “For you, to get Shifa (الشفاء) (cure) there are two things: HONEY (عسل) & QURAN” (القرآن).
[Ibn Ma-jah: 3578; Book. 31; Eng vol. 4; Book. 31, Hadees. 3452]

Honey amongst the best & a khair & 4 (Four) best treatments: -

7. Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah رضي الله عنه says that Nabiﷺ said that “Among your Medicines, which have khair (خير) (cures) is Hijamah (الحجامة) (Wet Cupping) (blood- letting) & a drink of Honey” (شربه عسل) & cauterization, & said I don't like to be (cauterized) branded with fire."
[Bukhari: 5683; Book. 76; Eng vol. 7; Book. 71; Hadees. 587]
Wet Cupping (blood letting) is Hijamah, a therapy in which blood is removed by vacuum method & it is Sunnah. (Refer Lesson no. 44 Hijamah).

4 (Four) best treatments: -

8. Hazrat Ibn Abbas رضي الله عنه says that Rasoolullahﷺ said that "Amongst the treatment you do, the best is to put medicine (دواء) in nose (السعوط), to put medicine (دواء) in one side of mouth (اللدود), Hijamah (الحخامة) (Cupping) & Walking (laxatives) (المشى).
[Tirmizi: 2184; Book. 28, Eng vol. 4; Book. 2, Hadees. 2047]
Walking here is considered as movement of intestines by Imam Qayyim u and senna increases the movement of intestines. (Movement of intestines is called as Peristalsis movement is medical terms).

Boiled water & Honey for kidney problems: -

9. Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها says that Rasoolullahﷺ said that “There is an important part of kidney (called as) Khasira (الخاصرة), when this part gets swelled up, the person gets great pain & problems, treat this with excessively boiled water (الماء المحرق) (muharraq) & Honey (عسل)”.
[Mustadrak Al Hakim: 8237; Al-Tibb]

Rule of boiling the boiling our drinks: -

10. Narrated by Abdullah Bin Yazad Al-khatmi that Umar Bin Al-Khattab رضي الله عنه wrote to him (saying) cook (boil) your drinks until the share of devil (shaitaan) is gone, for he has two share & you have one (means boil till 1/3 is left over & 2/3 is evaporated).
[An-Nasa’i: 5717; Book. 51; Eng vol. 6; Book. 51, Hadees. 5720]

Use honey & rain water for Shifa & all diseases: -

11. Hazrat Anas Bin Malik رضي الله عنه says that Nabiﷺ said that “With your Halal (حلال) (pure) earnings, buy Honey (عسل) & use it (Honey) with Rain water, this will help in Shifa (شفاء) for all diseases”
[Kanz Ummaal: 28176]

Honey as a medicine: -

12. Once Hazrat Khasram Bin Hissaan Bin Aamir Bin Malik رضي الله عنه fell ill & he went to Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم for Blessings & Medicine, Nabiﷺ gave him Honey.
[Musannaf Ibn-Abi Shaiba: 33159]

Honey gifted: -

13.  Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah رضي الله عنه says that Honey was gifted to Nabiﷺ & Nabiﷺ asked everyone to lick little Honey, as everybody got it, Hazrat Jabir رضي الله عنه asked for more, & he was allowed by Nabiﷺ to take more.
[Ibn Ma-jah: 3577; Book. 31; Eng vol. 4; Book. 31, Hadees. 3451]

Oranges & Honey: -

14. Hazrat Masrooq رضي الله عنه say that he found Hazrat A’isha رضي الله عنها feeding Hazrat Ibn Umm Maktoom رضي الله عن (a blind) with Atraj (اترج) (oranges) dipped in Honey (عسل).
[Moa’jam Ausat: 9404]
(Hazrat Ibn Umm Maktoom  was a blind sahabhi for whom chapter 80 (Surah) AABASA was send by Allah Ta’ala.

A preparation for illness: -

15. Once Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqqas رضي الله عنه fell ill in Makkah, Nabiﷺ visited him, and asked to call a doctor, Al Haris Bin Kuladah was called, he came and examined  Hazrat Saad رضي الله عنه , and said he is not serious, and advised to take dates (تمر), barley (jaw) & boiled fenugreek seeds (الحلبة) water & prepare soup like gravy than put Honey (العسل) in it &  give to Hazrat Saad رضي الله عنه at early morning, luke warm, And Hazrat Saad رضي الله عنه got well; Nabiﷺ liked the preparation advised by Al Haris Bin Kuladah.
[Al-Tibb Al-Nabawi Harful Haa; volume no. 1; page no. 230]

Honey & Rutab (date) the best remedy: -

16. Hazrat Abu Hurairah رضي الله عنه says that Nabiﷺ said that in my knowledge fresh ripen dates (الرطب) are best remedy for excessive menstrual flow & Honey (العسل) is best for patients (المريض).
[Abu Nuaim: 459]

Honey in Paradise: -

17. Hakim Bin Mu'awiyah رضي الله عنه narrated from his father, that Nabiﷺ said, “Indeed in Jannah there is a sea of water, and a sea of honey, and a sea of milk, and a sea of wine, then the rivers shall split off afterwards."
[Tirmizi: 2771; Book. 38, Eng vol. 4; Book. 12, Hadees. 2571]
18. Abdullah Bin Umar رضي الله عنه narrated that Nabiﷺ said “Al-Kausar is a river in Jannah, whose banks are of gold, and it flows over pearls and corundum. Its sand is purer than musk, and its water is sweeter than honey and whiter than milk.”
[Tirmizi: 3686; Book no. 47, Eng vol. 5; Book. 47, Hadees. 3361]

Use black caraway seeds & honey together: -

19. Nabiﷺ used (شربه عسل) Honey Syrup(honey mixed in water) & Black Caraway seeds (الحبة السوداء) (Kalonji) together.
[Abu Nuaim 459]

Scientific benefits of honey:

1. It cures diarrhea, helpful in all diseases & all health problems, it is a natural anti-biotic, best in typhoid fever, dysentery, internal & external ulcers & lesions, peptic ulcers, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers.
2. It reduces secretion of hydrochloric acid, and thus reduces acidity; it has natural enzymes thus helps digestion & digestive disorders & can be used in all types of ulcers, wounds, and lesions, best for urinary tract infections.
3. It is best for colitis (infection in large intestine), klebsiella germs, effective in burns when applied on burn lesions and when orally used. It is helpful in diarrhea, duodenal ulcers, acidity, gastric bleeding, vomiting, and nausea, pain in stomach, liver diseases, and skin diseases.
4. It increases Hemoglobin thus cures anemia, relaxes the smooth muscles (Intestinal muscles).
5. Helps in reducing the continuous use of cortisone (steroids) as eye application in eye diseases, effective in eye diseases like corneal ulcers, dendrifrom ulcers of cornea, scotoma in cornea and conjunctivitis. It reduces dryness of eye. It also helps in herpes opthalmus (viral infection of eyes) & very effective in chronic eye diseases.
6. Also effective for measles, fever, congestion in brain, brain tumors, angina (pain in heart), rickets, bedwetting, calms the nerves, relaxes the urinary bladder, cold & cough, flu diseases, throat infections, chronic liver diseases, insomnia (lack of sleeps).
7. It reduces addiction of alcohol. Also increases complexion, treats roughness of skin, cracks of lips, infection of lips, spots on skin, gum infection & reduces skeletal muscles spasm (reduces pain in muscles).

Contents of honey:

1. Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, vitamin H, dextrose, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine, Amino acids. Different honey from different regions has variation in nutritive value.

Uses of honey for general health: -

1. Mix honey in Luke- warm water in winter season and drink early morning and in summer mix honey in normal water and drink early morning. You can very safely use honey lifelong. You can mix 1 or 3 teaspoon honey, in half cup of water & drink.
2. Or lick honey early morning, but mixing in water is best & beneficial, can be used 1 time early morning empty stomach or also at evening 6:00 pm. It can be mixed with fruit & eaten. Can be mixed in milk and taken.

Uses for diseases:

1. For throat infection, gums & teeth infection lick honey, 1 big teaspoon, 3 times a day. For all diseases mix 20 ml honey in 30 ml water and use it on empty stomach, 3 times a day keeping 8 hours interval.
2. Honey can be mixed with fruit & eaten or honey can be mix in fresh rain water & used. For weakness in joint or body, mix honey in milk & drink.
3. Honey can be injected intra muscular, subcutaneous or intra venous route. But use 2.5 cc honey & 2.5 cc distal water for intra muscles route or subcutaneous route. For intra venous, mix honey 5cc or more in 100ml distal water or normal saline water. (A great research is on, throughout the world). Always start with low dose.
4. Honey has many enzymes, anti bacterial properties & many things which are yet not discovered & have several health benefits. It is an amazing natural medicine.

Uses of honey for complexion:

1. Wash your face with Luke warm water & take 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp rose water, 1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tsp aloe Vera juice, 1pinch salt, 1 tsp cucumber juice, 1 tsp watermelon juice mix all & apply face pack for 15 to 20 minutes and wash the face with warm water. (Prepare the above & apply instantly, do not store)
2. Eat one banana daily with breakfast. Eat watermelon at 6:00 pm empty stomach one slice daily. Eat 1 small size cucumber daily.

Uses of honey on skin lesions:

1. Honey can be applied on burns, ulcers, diabetic ulcers & can be put in eyes for eye diseases. It can also be used for complexion with other things.
1.All age
2.All season
3.It can be used in all diseases

Types & qualities of honey:

1. Natural or Forest honey is the best where there are lot of flowers, greenery & healthy climate.
2. Honey of neem (Azadirachta indica) tree, babool tree, jambul (jaamun) tree, apple tree etc can be used in various diseases (ex. Jambul tree honey may be best in diabetes, neem tree honey may be best for stomach diseases and infective diseases.)

Science & Hadees regarding honey: -

Honey offers incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and immune boosting properties for our body and gives health. It not only fights infection and helps tissue healing but also helps in reducing inflammation and is often used for treating digestive problems such as indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis.
Researchers around the world are discovering new and exciting medical benefits of honey and other healing items produced in the hive such as propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen.
Honey is abluent and an aperient. It contains detergent and tonic properties that cleanse the arteries and bowels of impurities. It opens obstructions of the liver, kidney and bladder. It is also a general preservative, and it helps to preserve the potency of other natural medicinal remedies. It also helps to break up excess moisture in the bowels, such as in diarrhea.
Honey is superior to sugar in many aspects, and it is less sweet but stronger, and if taken excessively, it can be harmful to the bile, unless it is mixed with vinegar. Honey is good for the aged; it is a cough suppressant and is used in medicine to treat corrupted phlegm in the stomach and to soften the general constitution of the body.
Honey is also a curative for a depraved appetite, and when taken as a drink mixed with hot water and a pomace made from sweet roses, it helps the treatment of rabies, and is considered a safeguard from further infections.
Honey is also used as detoxicant for drug users, and as an antitoxin to treat accidental eating of poisonous plants of the nightshade family (Hyoscymus niger), or wild fungus, among others. When taken as a drink mixed with hot water only, it helps as a remedy for dog bites. As a preservative, honey can be used to preserve meat for up to three months, and is used in pickling cucumbers, squash, eggplant, and various kinds of fruits for up to six months. Known as "the trustworthy preservative", honey was also used as a principle ingredient in embalming the dead.
The study on pollens and spores in raw honey (melissopalynology) can determine floral sources of honey. Because bees carry an electrostatic charge and can attract other particles from nature.
Modern medicine has only recently discovered the fact that honey is a remedy to many diseases. Traditional uses of honey have included honey mixed with lemon for sore throats. Honey coats the throat and reduces throat irritation. Research has already shown that honey blocks the growth of oral bacteria.
Honey has also been used for stomach pains and problems. Modern research shows that honey is effective when used in the treatment of gastric or peptic (stomach) ulcers. Research has also revealed that honey is effective in the treatment of various wounds and infections because of its antimicrobial (anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal) properties.
Researchers are not absolutely sure why honey heals but they are learning new things about honey every day. As mentioned in the beginning, honey contains a variety of sugars and minerals. Honey is also considered an antioxidant. This means it allows the blood to circulate better and provide more oxygen to areas of the body such as the brain.
Honey can also be used externally to promote healing when applied to wounds, even post-operative wounds. Honey has also been effective in its use to treat burns. It has even been shown to be low in calories and useful as a sweetener for diabetics, people with heart disease or those overweight.

Conclusion of Hadees: -

1. Honey is all time best remedy for all diseases, can be licked or taken mixed in water, warm water, milk or add in medicines, best if used with Quranic verses, best time to take is empty stomach early morning, can be taken with fruits, excessive boiled water (reduced to 1/3) mixed with honey is best for kidney disorders, can be taken by all. This lesson has 19 Hadees.