Lesson no. 45 Loban(اللبان)

Dried loban

Loban tree


1. In Hadees it is called as Loban (اللبان)
2. In Latin it is called as Styrax benzoin.
3. In Sanskrit it is called as Loban
4. In English it is called as Benzoin.
5. In Marathi it is called as Uud.
6. In Hindi & Urdu it is called as Loban


Loban (اللبان) is resin (gum) of loban tree; it is extracted by making a incision on the stem or bark of the loban tree. The gum is collected, dried, sold & used.

Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلم's guidance about it:-

Arabic words written in below references are the words mentioned in respected Hadees. You can confirm the references of Hadees at sunnah.com & Al-Maktab Al-Shamilah (المكتبة الشاملة) also. You can visit my website on www.tib-e-nabi-for-you.com or bloggers at www.drshakeel-tibenabi.com

Fumigate your houses:-

1. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Jafar رضي الله عنه narrates that Nabiﷺ said “Fumigate your houses with Loban (اللبان) & Al-Sheeh” (الشيح) (cress).
[Shoabul Imaan: 5679]
(Refer Lesson no. 21 Cress) (Al-Sheeh are dried leaves of Cress).
2. Nabiﷺ said “Fumigate your houses with Loban (اللبان) & Sau’atar (الصعتر).
[Zaadul Maa’d page no. 387]
(Refer Lesson no. 31 Sau’atar) (It is thymes genus plant).

Content of it: -

Benzoic acid, Gunamic acid, Aniline, Volatile oil.

Scientific benefits

1. It is an excellent repellent for insects or mosquitoes, useful in diarrhea, digestion, it heals wounds & ulcers.
2. It is good expectorant, reduces phlegm, gargle with Loban & Sau’atar relieves inflammation of throat, relieves cold, cough, toothache, urinary disorders, tuberculosis, and respirative disorders.
3. It increases memory, appetite, libido, tones the heart & stomach, also it is a good haemostatic agent, anti septic, anti fungal, anti bacterial & good for healing of wounds & ulcers.

Science & Hadees regarding fumigation: -

To fumigate our houses keeps the house free from pest, harmful insects, mostiques, flies & microorganism. And it is the most natural & safe procedure. It also removes stress, calm the mind.

Conclusion of Hadees: -

1. Fumigate your houses with loban along with cress dried leaves & saatar. This lesson has 2 Hadees.